Premium Spray Silica Sealant (500ML)


From the leader in ceramic technology, CarPro has engineered one of the highest quality spray silicas. Containing more than 5% SiO2, Reload protects your painted surfaces from harmful UV rays, leaves a deep gloss, and an extremely hydrophobic surface. All in the form of a spray on, wipe off application.

  • Product Info & Directions

    CarPro Reload is at the top of the spray silica game, working flawlessly as a spray sealant great for topping off ceramic coated surfaces and as a standalone sealant. Reload has a duribility rated up to 6 months on daily driven vehicles if maintaned and applied properly.



    • Extremely deep gloss levels.
    • UV Protection.
    • Easy application.
    • Extreme hydrophobic properties.
    • Leaves paint feeling smooth and slick to the touch.



    1. Do not apply in direct sunlight.
    2. Shake bottle.
    3. Spray Reload onto a clean ultraplush microfiber cloth. (2 - 3 sprays)
    4. Apply to painted surface making sure to cover the whole section.
    5. Using a fresh microfiber cloth, buff dry.
    6. Check surface for streaks from multiple angles before moving to next section, buff as needed. 



    • DO NOT apply in direct sunlight
    • Make sure surface is clean of any oils or waxes
    • We reccommend working on a quarter - half a panel at a time.
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