5 Pack of Ultra-plush Microfiber Towel


Pack of 5 Ultra plush microfiber towels, Great for all surfaces and especially paint and the most finicky of surfaces. Being so soft it makes it ideal for waxing, polish residue, coating leveling, interior detailing etc.


  • 16" x 16"
  • 450 GSM
  • Washing Instructions

    When washing microfiber cloths, it is reccommended to use a microfiber wash solution.


    • Check all cloths before loading into washer for contaminants that could possibly spread to other cloths and soil the load.
    • Use deticated microfiber wash. (30 - 45 ML depending on how dirty cloths are.)
    • Wash only with cold water.
    • Dry only on ultra low heat or tumble dry. (Heat can melt fibers together, ruining cloths.)
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