Hydro Foam


CarPro Hydrofoam (500 ML)


A PH neutral soap, all in one wash and seal. Combining the same properties of Hydro2 into a washing solution to help wash and protect your vehicle all in one process.

  • Product Info & Directions

    HydroFoam is a high quality wash and seal combined in one. Hydrofoam has been created with hydrophilic glass fibers and fluoropolymers to create a revolutionary and highly protective sealant. This soap has a very high foaming and sudsing quality, and when it's time to rinse it leaves a water repellant coating applied ontop the surface.


    Do NOT use this product in direct sunlight or let surface dry without being rinsed thoroughly.



    • PH Neutral.
    • Helps repel dirt and grime build up.
    • Durability of up to 3 months if maintaned properly.
    • UV Protection.
    • Helps protect paint from harsh chemicals.
    • Very deep glossy finish.


    Directions if using by hand:

    1. Thoroughly rinse vehicle.
    2. Dilute into a spray bottle (1:9) or apply a small amount onto clean wash mitt.
    3. Using wash mitt, clean one panel at a time.
    4. Rinse panel that wash just washed.
    5. Move to the next panel and repeat steps 2 - 4.
    6. Rinse the entire vehicle thoroughly.


    Directions if using foam cannon:

    • Dilute into foam cannon 1:9.
    • Foam entire vehicle.
    • Wash using a soft wash mitt.
    • Rinse each panel after using wash mitt.
    • Rinse entire vehicle thoroughly.
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